Aug 8, 2016

What what does that really MEAN? And how does it manifest? There are lots of possibilities– here are some of the more significant ones.

15 Reasons Why it Sucks to be Sensitiveby Richard J. O’Neill36 hours ago

It’s hard being sensitive. What has become of Betty and Dan’s four children?

Understanding What a Tremor Denise Murphy29 hours ago

Imagine you are reaching for a cup of coffee and as you pick it up your arm starts to twitch and your hand starts to shake.

HSP Living: Understanding Overstimulation in the Highly Sensitive Personby Peter Messerschmidt29 hours ago

“Overstimulation” is one of the most common terms used by HSPs. There are many reasons why it sucks to be sensitive. These are big acoustic guitars for people wanting a big sound.

The Betty Broderick Story & Her Childrenby GlendaGoodWitch3 months ago

After Betty Broderick’s husband Dan left her for his assistant Linda Kolkena, Betty murdered Dan and Linda while they slept. Here’s just 15!

5 of the Finest Jumbo Steel String Acoustic Guitars Availableby Wesman Todd Shaw23 hours ago

Five of the finest of all Jumbo sized steel string acoustic guitars from five of the finest makers of steel string acoustic guitars. It’s especially difficult when the world you live in neither understands nor cares to understand you. That is one example of a tremor. Another tremor could be you are resting in bed and suddenly…

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